ANST-Announce - Stargate lost & found

Charlene Charette charlene at
Thu Nov 11 00:50:49 PST 1999

The following items have been found at Stargate events.  These items
will be silent-auctioned (or
otherwise disposed of) at Stargate's Yule Revel, December 11, 1999.  To
claim an item, send
email to Madame Perronnelle Charette (charlene at   This list
is also maintained at

    baby's bib
    red cape
    child's Elmo backpack w/mundane clothing
    button "Smoogh me ta Manninagh mee!"
    ziplock bag:  DMC, sewing machine bobbin, brooch, beeds, etc.
    woven/wrapped pendant (?) (purple, green, red rope)
    silver ring w/ 3 diamond-like stones
    Star of Merit ribbon
    pair of Grips work gloves
    right-hand rapier (?) glove
    red bird brooch (macaw?)
    link chain
    yellow overdress/coat
    pair of Chinese slipper/Mary Jane shoes
    black felt hat

        green glass (2, not a set)
        brass (?)
        dark brown ceramic
        assorted pewter w/ glass bottom
        green/grey ceramic
        green w/ blue inside ceramic
        blue-green ceramic
        pink, blue, & green ceramic
    plastic 2-qt pitcher w/ lid
    Rubbermaid insulated jug

    Pyrex 5-in-1 Tablespoon
    assorted napkins
    assorted silverware, knives
    small stoppered pepper bottle
    2 "green" glass salt bottles
    tall glass bottle
    2 white pillar candles
    2 blue glass candles holders in pewter (?) holders
    small bowls:
        assorted wooden (one has "U + C" on bottom)
    green ceramic plate
    black plastic plate
    3 fondue forks

    curved wooden platter
    2 small black (dark blue?) glass plates
    silver platter (tape on bottom says "Alex" or "Olex" followed by a
fish (?) symbol)

    2 rattan swords
    black metal chair
    blue & white umbrella
    red folding umbrella
    paper parasol
    2 clipboards
    bard book
    3 small crocheted doilies
    assorted bath towels, kitchen towels
    wooden staff/cane
    wooden back-scratcher
    white tablecloth
    baby's cloth ball

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