ANST-Announce - Hotels in Ennis

Bob Dewart gilli at
Sat Nov 27 15:26:55 PST 1999

Greetings and Hi There,

For those of you who  may be spending the night in Ennis, TX for either
Stepes 12th Night of for Coronation, here is  the listing for hotels in
Ennis I got off the web.  Since I needed a room there I called and I am
passing along the info I got.

Here is what I was looking for: double occupancy with either a King or two
beds of what ever size they had.  Your needs may very the cost.   This is
not an indorsement just the facts as they told me.  If you have questions
please call them or look them up on the web.


Best Western; 972-875-3390; $63.00 per night + tax

Ennis Inn; 972-875-9656; $55 per night + tax

Geneva Motel; 972-875-2639; $35 per night + tax

Holiday Inn; 972-875-6990; $59 per night + tax

Quality Inn; 972-875-9641; $64 per night + tax

Rose Motel; 972-875-7992; Now appartment with weekly and monthly rates

Sands Motel; 972-875-5837; per night + tax

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