NR - need new NR exchequer

Mirrim and Suvdchin mirrim at
Fri Jun 2 11:26:33 PDT 2000


The office of the Exchequer needs your help.  I am searching for a new 
Northern Regional Exchequer.  HL Bonnie is stepping down as of 
Coronation to pursue other interests.  I appreciate the work she has done 
in the office.  If you are interested in becoming Northern Regional 
Exchequer please send your application to me with a copy to HL Bonnie.  
 I need the following in your application:  letter of application, copy of 
membership card.  The duties of the Regional Exchequer are to review 
and keep monthly reports from the local exchequers in the region, review, 
correct and send to kingdom the quarterly and end of year reports, 
report monthly to the Kingdom Exchequer on the status of reporting and 
any problems within the region, and to teach an exchequers class within 
the region at least once per quarter.  Any applicant should be familiar 
with the exchequers office and the reports required.  The deadline for 
applications is Thursday July 13th.

Mistress Mirrim of Bristol
Chancellor of the Ansteorran Exchequer
Margaret Mitchell
10509 North Platt River Dr.
Austin, TX  78748
exchequer at

HL Bonnie Rowan Mac ahn Bhaird
Northern Regional Exchequer
Bonita Plunk
620 W. Acres
Norman, OK  73069
nrreeve at

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