ANST-Announce - Siege Competition at Kingdom Warlord

Steelquist, John John.Steelquist at
Mon Jun 5 07:27:16 PDT 2000

Just a reminder that I am sponsoring a siege engine competition at Kingdom
Warlord / Bordermarch Baronial this coming weekend.  Bring your engines and
your crews!  Compete for prizes and glory!  Learn how to build your engines

The competition will be an IKCAC, without the pavise round.  There will be
separate divisions for direct and indirect fire engines.  I will have a
couple of balistas and a trebuchet available for those who haven't completed
their engines, yet.  If possible, bring your armor.  

Lord Lawrence, the Kingdom Siege Marshal, will be available to authorize
crews and engines.  I'll have copies of the SCA siege rules to hand out.
There should be a number of skilled engineers available to answer questions.

See you there, good shooting!

Baron Ulsted the Unsteady
Coastal Regional Warlord
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