NR - special project finished!

Lori Campbell LCAMPBEL at
Tue Jun 6 14:51:19 PDT 2000

As many of you know, one of our populace, Lady Jevon O'Deah, has been 
recovering (nicely) from a very serious illness.  When we heard she 
was sick, Lady Aelfwyn came up with the idea that our sewing guild 
could make a Crazy Quilt from all of those scraps of fabric that we 
all have.  People could embroider, write, paint, etc. special 
messages to Jevon that might help lift her spirits during this very 
difficult time.  A great many people gave us messages for this 
project and we had a wonderful time putting them together to make the 
quilt.  As is the usual in the SCA, the project took a little longer 
than we anticipated, but we just wanted to let everyone know that it 
is finished!!!  We presented it to Ly Jevon last Monday night at our 
populace meeting.

Everyone who was a part of this project should definitely visit the 
web site to see pictures of the finished quilt.  Click on the 
"sewing" icon.

Thank you to everyone who took time to send their own special 
message!  It was your caring that made this beautiful gift possible!

Baroness of Wiesenfeuer
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