ANST-Announce - Warlord Lost and found

Jennifer Leighton-Jeurgens isabeljlj at
Wed Jun 7 06:52:21 PDT 2000

For all of you who lost, misplaced, or had the misfortune of have things
carried off by the wind, here is the list of lost and found items.  If you
think any of these items could be yours, please contact me via email.

2 wooden mugs
1 pewter mug with design
1 glass mug
2 clay mug
3 pair sunglasses
2 watches
2 childrens toys
embroidery floss
2 pipe cleaners with bells
1 rising star medallion - Hldy Faoileann Raudh
1 Passe de Arms site token
1 pen
1 knife
1 long piece of colored rope
2 short rope
2 short pieces of inkle weaving
1 bungee tie down with short rope attached
1 pair of platform sandals
1 drafting triangle
1 glass bottle of honey
1 child's leather pouch
1 small children's medieval soldier toy
1 Master key on key chain
1 bead Necklace
2 styrofoam painting palettes
1 length of jewelers wire
1 small black leather pouch
1 longer length of inkle weaving
1 horse comb
1 ladies fan
4 misc. tent stakes
1 roll duct tape
1 children's hand puppet
2 small pavilion pennants
1 tube of Avon hand lotion
1 Baronial crown with stones
1 child's ball
1 camp light
1 pavilion finial
1 medium towel
1 washcloth
2 pavilion bags
1 piece of gorget
1 full gorget
1 vambrace - small
1 pair of gauntlets
2 gloves
1 light weapon felt pad
3 tunics
3 rattan swords
a 1 gallon water cooler jug
several pole arms - one is a farm implement style

In service,

Isabel FitzHugh
Barony of the Steppes
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