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Mike Gideon mgideon at
Sun Jun 18 06:55:53 PDT 2000


I would like to extend a warm (yes it will be warm) invitation to everyone
to join us at Eldern this year.  This happens on the weekend of June 23-25
at Camp Clear Creek in Duncan, OK.

This is the opportunity for fighters; heavy, light and schlager, to come and
prove their endurance in Northern Ansteorran heat.  These list are known for
the fun and honor shown on the field.  Also, There will be a Bardic
Collegeium going on Saturday.  I have seen the list of teachers and classes
and it looks wonderful.

Come and join Eldern Hills as we proudly witness the elevation of HE
Artorius to Peerage.  There will be a vigil Friday evening.

I have been told that feast is sold out now.  There will be a tavern on
site.  (privately run)

At the site there is a man made, sand bottom lake available for your
swimming.  There are also some electical hookups, if you need one.  The site
has a bath house and flush privies.

For more information, such as site fee and directions please see our page.

Be safe in your travels,

Greetings from the Eldern XXII Autocrat.
Site web page is at

This was forwarded to the NR list as requested of me by HE Catrin Baroness
of the Eldern Hills
Yours in Service to the Dream,
Ld. Michel mac Donnchaid
mgideon at

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