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I wish to extend a big thank you to all who braved the heat and attended Eldern Tourney.  There was a wonderful Bardic Collegium organized by  Lady Sibeal inghean ui Ruairc.  Thank you for running that and thank you to the teachers of the Collegium.  The Arts and Sciences competition had some wonderful enteries, hope that you had a chance to view them.  Congratulations to the winners.  I wish to extend thank you's to those who helped to List Mistress.  You helpd the lists run smoothly.  To the Water Bearers.....with out you, we would have not drank enough.  To those who helped marshal the different lists, thank you.  For any that I missed (for I know more helped out in different areas).......thank you.

Congratulations to the new champions of Eldern Hills.  Lord Guy la Strange is the Heavy Champion.  Lord Stephen Hawkins won the Light Champion.  Lord Edward Mercer won the Schlager Champion.  I look forward to a year's worth of fun with ya'll.

Congratulations to those who recieved awards.  Congratulations also to Master Artorius, newest member of the Pelican. 

I hope that all who attended had a fun time at the event, barring the heat that is.  Thank you to any that I may have forgotten.  So many people always help out, that names are forgotten, but your help isn't.  

Catrin Mac Cracken
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