ANST-Announce - Lost & Found for Gulf Wars IX

Debbie Walker ddwalker at
Wed May 3 05:17:55 PDT 2000

The following is the list of Lost & Found for Gulf Wars IX.  If you see your
lost item on the list, it may be retrieved by following the instructions.

Please feel free to cross post the list. The information can also be found
at the War's website.

yours in service,

Dame Fianna nic Dhaibhidh,
Autocrat - GW IX

Contact by either postal mail or email to claim the item.
Michael L. Peveto
147 Belle Valley Drive
Nashville, TN  37209
templarsgt at
ICQ# 42399651

Include this information with your claim.
Mundane name and address
A description of the item
An email address if you want confirmation the day it is mailed.
A Money Order or Cashier's Check made out to "Michael L. Peveto" for $5.
Some things will cost $10 to ship so talk with me first.  All items sent
U.S. Priority Mail.  No personal checks.

Cloak- Blue cordoroy with brown fleece lining.
Fencers gloves- black leather with red elbow length cloth.
Boots- Hi-Tec, sized 11.
Kneepads- one pair, blue, Bike brand
Belt- Black leather with silver "O" ring and brass Lion's head buckle.

Armor and Weapons
Dagger- gold, oriental motif with blue adornment on scabbard
Fencer's Matchlock rubber band pistol
Fencer's Main Gauche
Gorget- small, with black fur trim.
Gorget- large with purple suede vertebrae protector
Half Gauntlet- black leather with brass rivets.  otherwise indistinct
Vambraces- one pair, black leather, indistinct
Fencer's Rapier scabbard- black leather
Small Dagger- small, black leather scabbard, copper handle.

Jewelry, Adornments, and Trinkets
Red braclet- corded with three silver beads
Circlet- brass, indistinct
Circlet- silver, woven rope pattern with white leather straps.
3 Braclets/Anklets- silver, middle eastern pattern
Braided cord- black, green, and gold cords.
String of garnets- with fish eye bead on the end.
Armband- brass/copper, with dangling coins
Pendant- gold cat with black bead, black cord
Award- leather, blue circle with silver eight pointed star.
Pendant- silver rose, multicolored cord.
Trinket- goldsunburst with gold key attached.
Necklace- amber beads.
Trinket- knotted leather thong with brass bells.
Watch- "Sketches" brand with small compass and clip-it type hook.
Brass Knight's chain
Pendant- Ram's head, white, black, and gold enamaled.
Wristwatch- Ladies, brown leather band, Timex Indiglo.
Pendant- clan badge, "Reviresco"
Award- Ansteorran, yellow and black woven with "D" ring on end.
Nekband- silver, "V" shaped otherwise indistinct.
Pendant- cobalt blue glass set in silver, red and gold ribbon.
Lace Doiley- blue and yellow ribbons.
Various rings- write for details.

Tablecloth- green with device.  Possibly Nant-y-Derwyddon.
Folding wooden fan
Book- Pillers of the Earth by Ken Folliet.
Blue Cloth Purse- Juniper scented bath salts, green stone ring and pewter
bathroom fixture.
Eyeglasses- black case with thick lenses.
Wallet- James Marion White Jr.--Florida.
Pocketknife- Boy Scout, red
Pouch- Needlepoint "C", green suede and tassle.
Silver stud spur- only one, black strap
White cardboard tube- marked "M'Lady Admiranda"--various S&M paraphenalia.
Basket- woven, hinged lid, left at A&S competition. "Lady Catherine
Yellow 35mm camera- Lifelong brand.
Pouch- green flowered pattern, business cards with "Gerald R. LaPrarie Jr."
Pocketknife- MAC tools brand, folding "Buck" type.
Black 35mm camera- Polaroid.
Eyeglasses- indistinct other than broken left ear paddle.
Driver's License- Texas, "Lynn Ghere"
Credit card- Visa checkcard, "Cheryl Lockhart"
Credit card- Mastercard checkcard "Sheri Koenig"

Feastgear and Mugs
I have numerous mugs and a few pieces of feastgear.  The vast majority are
indistinct.  Write for details.
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