ANST-Announce - Combat Archery Golf at Springfaire

Bob Dewart gilli at
Sat May 6 20:53:44 PDT 2000

Greetings and Hi There,

Lord Kerrick, Elfsea's archery marshal has asked me to talk about one of the
many fine archery activities that will be going on at Elfsea's Springfaire.
And that particular archery event is Combat Archery Golf.

That's right folks, getting the arrow in all the holes in the fewest shots
is the thing the winner must do.  The "holes" will be garbage cans.  Might
be big ones, might be little ones.  The golfers will also have to avoid all
sorts of "hazards" on the course.  The 4th hole is said to have a mote
around it (pesky water hazards).

All Ansteorran combat legal equipment may be used.  However, putting may be
difficult for crossbows.  More than  one type of bow may be used on a hole.
Limited loaner gear will be available.

A more detailed list of rules will be given at "TEE" time which will be
announced on site.

As with any golf tourney there is an entry fee.  Each golfer must bring an
entry fee.  This may be any small prize such as a roll of duck tape, bow
wax, six pack, maker for some work to be done, just about anything you
wouldn't mind getting yourself will do.  Prizes will be given to the 1st,
2nd, 3rd and 4th place golfers (40%, 30%, 20%, 10%).

See you on the green.


HL Gilbert Ost Westley
Archery Marshall At Large
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