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Below you will find the first draft of a land policy for Estrella 
2001.Please forward this missive to any lists you belong to that might be 
interested.  Please review and provide your comments and suggestions.  I 
look forward to your comments.

In Service,

Land Allocation Autocrat
Estrella War XVII

Please forward comments and suggestions to:

Baron Dietrich
David Kurnik
1509 W. Cheyenne Dr.
Chandler, AZ  85224
element at


Create a policy that maximizes the efficient use of land while providing for 
it's adequate and fair distribution at the Estrella War.

Detailed Objectives of policy:

Detail a policy in which land is partitioned and allocated to large groups 
in the SCA
Provide for the distribution of adequate land such that the membership of 
the SCA may pursue activities, both public and private that are relevant to 
the SCA.
Outline a plan to communicate the land policy and it's requirements to the 
known world.
Provide an opportunity for interested parties to provide input and feedback 
on said policy.
Detail requirements in human and material resources needed to implement the 
Provide a process that members of the war staff can apply for and receive 
allocation of land they require for special events.
Provide for a process to assess and resolve land disputes on site.

1)	General:
a)	Land will be tracked and allocated for groups of 20 or more.
b)	Land will be granted to the group and not to the individual
c)	Pre-registrants are required to camp with the group they name         on 
their pre-registration form.
d)	Pre-registrants may choose to register for overflow camping.
i)	In this case no land will be allocated for the pre-registrant.
2)	Pre-Registration and land Grants:
a)	Each group will register a Point of Contact (POC) that will be
        responsible for the administration of their group's block of
  i)The POC contact information will be available on the Estrella         
  ii)Group Point of Contacts, or their designated representative must        
  be on site and in camp prior to any setup activity in that         camp.
      (1)The POC must identify their designated representative in            
  writing to the Land Arbitration Committee.
  iii)Group Point of Contacts will identify themselves in writing to         
  the Land Allocation Autocrat and include the exact name of            
their group.
   iv)The administration of land within the grant will be left to that
        group's custom and tradition and coordinated by the land Point
        of Contact.
    v)	Pre-registrants must camp with the group in which they                
pre-register with.
b)A Land Arbitration Committee will be appointed to clarify         issues 
and resolve any disputes regarding the land policy on site.
>   i)	The Land Arbitration Committee will consist of SCA members            
>from any Kingdom that have the experience, and temperament to         
>arbitrate land issues at the Estrella War.
>   ii)	At any given time there will be three members of the Land         
>Arbitration Committee on call from the opening of the site to         
>Friday at 9:00 p.m.
>  iii)	By default the Site Liaisons from each principle Kingdom will        
>  be a part of the Land Arbitration Committee, and will                 
>participate in the resolution of any disputes that involve
        members of their Kingdom.
c)Pre-registrants must designate the exact group name and their              
  group's Point of Contact on the pre-registration form.
d)This information must be precise, accurate, and consistent.  If this
       information is not correct the pre-registration may not be
       assigned to a >group.
e)Pre-registrants can elect to camp in overflow camping without a group.
     i)	In this case no land assignment or reservation will be made          
  for them, but they still receive the other benefits of                
f)Groups will be granted 250 square feet of land per Adult
      i)125 square feet will be granted for Juvenile Pre-Registrations       
    that pay a site fee.
     ii)No grants for children who do not pay a site fee.
g)Groups may purchase 'proxy' pre-registrations on behalf of members         
that will join after the pre-registration deadline. (Exact         amount 
allowed still to be determined.)
h)If two groups wish to camp alongside each other they can do so by
        uniting their pre-registration into a single group.
      i)Land shall be granted as continuous Kingdoms.  The principle         
Crowns will agree upon the general location of Kingdoms on         site.
j)Groups involved in the administration of the war or in special             
events at the war may petition for an additional grant of land        by 
providing a satisfactory justification for the additional        land to the 
Main Autocrats.
k)All additional grants of land whether they are for special events,
      special needs, or for the autocrat staff shall be made public        
and easily accessible to interested parties. (i.e. On website)
       i)Grants associated with special needs shall be reported in a         
  manner that respects the privacy of those with special needs.
l)All pre-registrations must be postmarked by a date to be agreed upon       
the Land Arbitration Committee and Pre-Registration Autocrat       (date 
still to be determined).
m)Pre-registrations will be transferable, but must remain within the         
same land allocated.
n)Pre-registrations will not be refundable.
o)RV Spaces
      i)An individual who reserves a wet RV Space with Schnepf Farms         
will receive that RV space for their land allocation, and may        not 
grant their land to a group.
     (1)Anyone else, staying in the same RV, may select a group to           
  receive  their land allocation; however, that land will most         
likely not be adjacent to the RV.
      ii)The size of wet RV space will be TBD.
     iii)Dry RV Spaces must be reserved in advance with the
       Pre-Registration/Land Allocation Committee.  An individual            
reserving a dry RV space will receive that RV space as their          land 
grant and may not attach it to a group.
       (1)Anyone else, staying in the same RV, may select a group to         
  receive their land allocation; however, that land will most           
likely not be adjacent to the RV.
       iv)The size dry RV spaces will be TBD.
p)Camping on the Archery field
        i) If you wish to camp on the archery field you must contact         
   the Estrella Archery Autocrat to make arrangements prior to          the 
3)Site survey:
      a)The site will be surveyed and divided into logical parcels.
      b)The site will be surveyed for unusable land and that land will       
   not be included in granted parcels.
      c)Land will be granted to sub-autocrats and special events in          
clearly defined tracks.
4)Overflow camping
      a)Overflow camping will be available for those who do not              
  pre-register, or do not wish to camp with a group.
      b)The overflow camping will be clearly marked; however,                
  individuals are encouraged to locate a member of the Land            
Arbitration Committee to verify prior to setting up camp.
        i)It is the overflow camper's responsibility to assure they          
  are camped in an overflow location.  If you are camped in a         
reserved space, you will be asked to move.
       c)Land will not be reserved or roped off in the overflow           
camping area.
        a)A member of the Land Arbitration Committee will be on call         
   with a radio at all times.  If the services of the Land               
Arbitration Committee are required, an autocrat or                   
sub-autocrat with a radio will be located and the Land          Arbitration 
Committee member on call will be summoned.
         b)The Land Arbitration Committee will work with the Front           
   Gate Autocrat, and the Volunteer Autocrat to assure there             
will always be someone on the front gate that understands the          site 
map and can answer questions.
         c)The location of a pre-registrants land will be available          
   and clearly marked on a large map at the front gate.
>        d)Group POC's must check in with a member of the Land               
>   Arbitration Committee to verify the perimeters of their grant          
>prior to the setting of camp.  It is the Group POCs'                  
>responsibility to assure they are camped in the correct          location
         e)On December 1, 2000 the Pre-Registration Autocrat will send
>          notifications to the Crowns, Seneschals and Site Liaisons         
>    of all principle Kingdoms, and to those same representatives            
>of the Kingdom of Calontir.
            i)These notifications will include the current                   
      pre-registration totals for that Kingdom and will             
re-iterate the Pre-Registration and Land Allocations
>           Policy and deadlines.
         f)On December 1 a database listing the totals for                   
   pre-registered groups by Kingdom and group will be listed.
         g)Pre-registrants will be notified of their pre-registration        
   along with their group, and POC.
         h)Each POC will be notified of the location of their group's        
     land grant via US mail no later than January 15, 2001.
>        i)A Site Map will be available on the Estrella website along        
>    with a database of land grants no later than January 15, 2001.
6)	Required Resources:
7)	Feedback Process:
        a)This process will be distributed publicly, via the Internet,       
   with a request for comments from the membership at large.
       b)The request for comments will be forwarded to the Crowns,           
   seneschals and site liaisons of the principle Kingdoms of the         
Estrella War.
       c)All comments will be sent to the Land Allocation Autocrat,          
Baron Dietrich
        i)The Land Allocation Autocrat will forward all suggestions to       
     the Main Estrella War Autocrats.
       d)Suggestions and changes will be incorporated as the process         
       a)At the Lusty Month of May on May 27th at approximately 3:00         
  p.m. a meeting will be held to review and incorporate                 
suggestions into the land policy.
9)Land Allocation Calendar
       a)May 27 at approximately 3 p.m. Lusty Month of May, Los          
Olivios Park
>         i)Review and incorporate suggestions to the land policy.
>        ii)Take Squaw Peak Parkway (51) North from I-10.  Exit on           
>      Indian School road and go East about 1 mile.  Turn North             
>on 28th Street and go one block.
        b)June 1 - finalize 2001 land policy and distribute to           
principles and Internet.
        c)August 1st - Land policy is published in the Southwind and         
   on the web page.

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