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Unto the Populace of Ansteorra comes greetings and felicitations from the
Event Steward

Are you an Artisan? Are you just starting out? Been displaying for
sometime? Have people been telling you that you have excelled in or even
Mastered your Art or Science?

Would you like the chance to win one of three FABULOUS prizes valued at or
above $100????

Then we have an A&S competition for you!

Come to Steppes Warlord and show us your passion for the Arts and

There are three sections to chose from (Beginner, Intermediate, and
Advanced) so everyone can enter.

Below is a current list of rules and a link to the Steppes Warlord Web Page
which is kept as current as we possibly can

Steppes Warlord Event Steward


     Open to those having little or no experience in the Arts and Sciences
competitions or to other entrants whose entries represent 'early work'

     Open to those with average to extensive experience in A&S
competitions. The entrant must consider themselves to have moderate
experience in producing or fabrication their entry in the selected field,
or may be a person who would normally be considered an advanced entrant who
has chosen to enter an item outside their normal field of expertise

     Open to any and all persons who feel they are able to compete fairly
and equitably in the Advanced category.

****** Entrants will normally be expected to decide for themselves in which
category they will compete*********

There will be a single winner in each category

The declared winner of the Beginner category will select their prize from
the three prizes in the prize pool

The declared winner of the Intermediate category will select their prize
from the two remaining prizes in the prize pool

The declared winner of the Advanced category will select their prize from
the remaining item in the prize pool

The prizes are as follows:

A hand made book - blank - 2 inches thick - leather spine - made by HL
Lodovico Benevoglio

A 'Leonidas' Loom - Wood with brass fittings - made by HL Lodovico

$100 in coins (yes, actual cash)
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