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Tue May 23 13:52:57 PDT 2000

That would be great,I have acquired jeans that needed
rehemming and years later I still haven't done so.
Timothy is headed this way thursday and offered to 
bring them back to tulsa.  Should I have him drop them
at your place on the way back?  If so give me your
current address and phone # so I can pass it on to Tim.

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Ed - I think that re-hemming is not a problem - wouldn't be the first time
I've hemmed his pants.


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Having expanded into 36" waist,I may have several 34"
jeans,slacks etc to donate but they would need to be
rehemmed as mine are 32" inseam. Let me know and I'll
send them as soon as possible.

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My thanks to those who helped sift and sort through things Friday and
Saturday and Sunday for Beorthlic, Elizabetta and Elisabeth.  My thanks to
those who washed clothing, took items to storage, brought food, provided
comfort.  As this is the third house fire to claim victims in Northkeep in
less than a year, the support and aid from everyone is wonderful and
greatly appreciated.

Items are still being retrieved from the fire and stored.  Beorhtlic and
Elizabetta are on the quest for new housing and until they find a house,
are staying with a friend.

At this time, items such as furniture, household necessities and whatnot
have no place to be stored.  Offers for such things are greatly appreciated
but are not priorities at this time.  (However, they certainly will be!)

Money and clothing are their greatest needs at the moment.  I have been
given the following size info:
	Beorhtlic - 34" waist, 30 length, man's size 8 1/2 (to 9) shoe
	Elizabetta - 26-28 pants, 30-32 shirt, women's size 10 shoe (She has
considerable weight these past few months and the sizing is somewhat

I would be more than happy to get checks and gift certificates to them.  My
information is as follows:

	Mark Whitney & Bethany Sanborn
	c/o Becky Heydon
	3410 E. 5th Place
	Tulsa, OK  74112

In service to Barony, Region and Kingdom,

Lady Rowan ni Coerc
Deputy Seneschal, Barony of Northkeep
Rebecca M. Heydon
University of Tulsa
Mabee Legal Information Center
ph:  918-631-3557
fax:  918-631-2151
rebecca-heydon at
"If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague."
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