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Who was the person that was laying out in the grass wrapped in blankets?
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>I think so.  The new Rapier Defender is HL Elric Dracwin, who won in a
>final round against Don Timothy after a round robin between the two of
>them and Lord Marquet de la Heyt.  HL Elric is also our new archery
>champion.  Centurion Almar (sp?) won the chivalric list, HE Uriah won
>the thrown weapons, the talented HL Rhiannon won the artisan
>The feast was wonderful.  Lord Johann cooked some unbelievable East
>Indian food, including meatballs with egg cooked inside, Tandoori
>chicken, milkballs for desert, and a monkey-brain subtlety filled with
>strawberry ice cream.
>HE Ceridwen of Wizard's Keep was made a companion to the Order of the
>Star of Merit for her hard work for the Wastelands.
>Companion to the Order of the (Strong) Iron Monkey
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>> So what happened?  Are there any good stories?  Was much fun had?
>> Gilyan
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