NR - boys toddler sca clothes

Moore, Ed Ed.Moore at
Fri Oct 13 14:54:15 PDT 2000

I wonder if Stefan's files would have anything. If Marion were
still around she might be a source if she didn't freehand every
thing. I have a bunch of wool,linen and silk mundane clothes
scheduled to be broken down for garb if you would be interested
in material to make your child's outfits. Of course not everyone
wants to mess with dryclean materials for childrens clothing.

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Subject: NR - boys toddler sca clothes

I'm in search of BOY'S toddler sized sca clothes or patterns. I just don't
have the time to spend drafting patterns myself, and the few children's
patterns I've seen have been for girls clothes.  I'm looking for clothing
sized 12 months and up. I know that there is a whole bunch of little boys
here in the north, & just maybe some kind mother has some patterns or even
clothes that she wouldn't mind sharing.

Thanking everyone in advance,


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