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Sat Oct 14 05:02:37 PDT 2000

There is an old book called "Angel Threads" that talks about making basic
clothing for children in the toddler sizes.  I have a copy but believe it is
OOP, so check at the library.  I have also seen people adapt the old "Little
Folks" pattern from Folkwear.

I just taught a class on Sewing Simple Garb (Mostly Straight Seams) earlier
this week in my Barony and there are a lot of resources online for simple
clothing, as well as CA#14 which is about T-Tunics and other simple items.
For example:

For a toddler you don't want garb too fancy because of the speed at which
they grow.  Children of that age didn't wear much except when having their
portraits formally painted.  And many boys wore clothing very similar to
that of girls, but shorter since they didn't have diapers (at least, not in
all eras and areas).

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