NR - Principality discussions

Burke McCrory burkemc2 at
Wed Oct 18 19:59:55 PDT 2000

This is just a note to remind everyone that I will be hosting open 
discussions on the issues and concepts of Principalities at Rundel's 
Margrave/Vormund and at Eldern Hills Samhain.  There will also be informal 
discussions at the Northern Regional fighter practice this weekend.  These 
are open discussions that are designed to help inform and educate the 
populace about the pro's and con's of Principalities. I welcome and 
encourage anyone who has either a positive or negative opinion or is just 
interested in learning more about the concept of Principalities, to attend 
one or more of these meetings. If we are to some day think about forming a 
Principality in the North we must be educated to all of the points, both 
good and bad, before we decide.

Sir Burke

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