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Perhaps this might be of interest to people.
There is a King Arthur Faire going on this weekend in
Stroud, OK. Saturday and Sunday. I went to this last
weekend and had a good time. The man who is in charge
was a seneschal in Mooneschadowe I believe, about 10
years ago. They have quite a site. There will be activities
and such goings on. The theme is Arthurian Britian. They had
this last year and there are some Ren Faire type permanent
structures on site. 
  I found info on site directions by typing in King Arthur Faire
on the web, which also led me to Okla Ren Faire info. The directions
to the site are clear and it was easy to find. Its less than an hour
outside of OKC by Turner Turnpike. They were nice and gracious people
who gave me a complete tour of the site and loads of info. 
  They are also interested in renting this particular site to SCA,
which is cool. The entire site is 55 acres, with 7-10 acres for parking, and about 25 for the village. They are currently using 10-12
acres. They have a total of 20 acres for parking growth. There are 
additional primitive camp sites across the road and more glamourous
camping 3 miles from the site on Lake Stroud. These sites are tent and
RV with or without electricity. They also have very nice showers (!).
  Stroud is 6 miles from the site, with several restaurants and convenience stores right on the main drag. They do have electricity on site which is limited to particular areas. They are looking forward to
developing a long term relationship with the SCA. Lets use this opportunity, they are very nice people.
  I walked the site and it is really quite charming. It has a nice village feel and is very period in nature. The man and his wife have
done a lot of work clearing the land and it shows. There are winding
paths all throughout the village and they flow together quite nicely.
  Its really nicely shaded wherever you walk along the paths and you
can just meander down one path to the next. This would work quite well
for us for encampments, and maybe period (Celtic, Norse, French) type
of encampments as well. They are hip to our talents, people, activities, fighting, A&S, Equestrian, etc. There is a nice area for 
fighting and so on. Please visit the web site, there is contact info
for them. Thanks. Jevon

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