NR - Special hat pass

Maleah maleah at MMCABLE.COM
Sun Oct 22 20:33:50 PDT 2000

    We will be having a special hat pass for Eleanor O'Ruarke's daughter,
Rhianna at our first populace meeting in November. For those of you who have
not heard, she was struck by a car last Friday. She is currently in ICU at
Dallas Methodist Hospital. She is recovering slowly but well at this point.
Eleanor and Matthias are staying in special rooms set aside for family that
the hospital has available but these are not free and they are eating meals
there at the hospital as well. All of this costs money that will NOT be
covered by their insurance. Anything that you can bring will help lighten
their load. Please pass this along to anyone you know who will not be on the

Donations may be sent to ourselves, or you may contact Duchess Larissa at
ladyoftherose at

Thank you for your time and your generosity,
Ulf and Maleah
Baron and Baroness of Namron
maleah at
(405) 321-4747

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