NR - Samhain-Eldern Hills

Míchél mac Donnchaid eldern-hills_vscribe at
Wed Oct 25 20:11:56 PDT 2000

Greetings unto the Gentles of the mighty Northern Region of the Great
Kingdom of Ansteorra from
Lord Míchél mac Donnchaid.

I bring missive from Lady Tessa de Lyons, Autocrat for Eldern Hills Samhain.
The time of Samhain is upon us. Eldern Hills will host this celebration
October 27-29 A.S XXXV at Camp Cimarron.

Further descriptions and directions may be found at or the mirror site .

Please come and join the Barony of the Eldern Hills in this traditonal
celebration of the change of season.

Yours in Service to Barony, Region, and Kingdom,
Lord Míchél mac Donnchaid

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