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Tue Oct 31 07:20:19 PST 2000

We were honored with the presence of Our new Prince, and that of the very
gracious Princess of Caid.
Thorgrim vanquished a mighty horde of six to win the tourney with 'no' losses.
The 'principality' discussion was productive.
There were more than enough morsels to go around, therefore mischief was at a
cheerful level...
The feast was awesome, according to my palette, any many of those I compared
notes with...most especially all the baked goods, yum!
The bonfire went up with an appreciative whoosh, and there was a short interval
to enjoy it until the rain appeared, as expected.
Tarl enjoyed a very mellow and satisfactory B-day cellebration, we sat up with
libation and good friends and talked most of the night away..
Sunday woke to a beautious sky, and there were nice warm leftovers in the hall
to tide us over on the journey home...where we had an excellant fighter
practise, Sir Wilhelm certainly helped provide an educational and enthusiastic
evening, none were left wanting, :-)
So, Tarl and I had an excellant week-end, but mileage can and does

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> So...........
> How did it go?
> JP
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