NR - Northern Regional Seneschal

Nolen Dale fairborn at
Sun Apr 1 11:45:52 PDT 2001

Greetings unto the populace of the northern region. H.L. Ariane of Wynnstay 
will be stepping down as northern regional seneschal at coronation in July. 
IF you wish to apply please send in your application and a copy to H.L. 
Ariane. In your application you must send your qualifications  for this 
office, proof of membership with access to the Blackstar every month, a 
working telephone, and reliable email. I will close bids for this office on 
June 15th. Thank you all and I look forward to the interviews.
Master Richard Fairbourne
Kingdom Seneschal

In Service to the Dream

Master Richard Fairbourne , OP
Kingdom Seneschal for Ansteorra
E-Mail: fairborn at

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