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Annais de Montgomerie maleahladywait at
Mon Apr 2 15:30:19 PDT 2001


Parking passes are EXTREMELY LIMITED.  I don't know if
I will have any left at WF pop tonight.  But, I am
trying.  Talk to me there if you can, or you can be at
the duck pond on Wed night for Namron's pop and I
MIGHT have extras there.  Or you can call me at work
782-8884 or at home 579-7582 (leave msg with fake man
voice.  I will call you back and let you know.

--- CAMERON LEWIS <okrabbit at> wrote:
> You know I was at the Namron Pop meeting when they
> discussed how we were
> to get med faire parking passes but now it escapes
> me.  Could anyone
> enlighten me as to how I could get one, I would like
> to be there to help
> out on Friday as well.
> cough cough,
> I am sorry i dont think I will be at work on friday
> I think i am getting
> ill
> cough cough,
> Sir Alrek
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