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Deborah Sweet/soc/cas/Okstate dssweet at
Tue Apr 3 09:25:04 PDT 2001

No problemo.  I was able re-arrange things and get you
one.  I know the fighters don't have theirs yet.  I
passed some out at WF pop last night.

Linda is still a bit stingy with passes and posters. 
I am trying to get more passes from her.  But she is
at the pond all this week, and not in her office. 

Maybe if I hold my breath til I pass out that will be
good enough, and we will get more passes.  ;)

Let me know if you think of something that we need at
Med Faire. 


--- CAMERON LEWIS <okrabbit at> wrote:
> What is up with Linda and the parking passes.
> She was stingy with them when I was Liason a million
> years ago.   For all I am
> aware of none of the fighters have any yet at all. 
> I will be at setup on Wed at
> 630 at the park so please save me one if you can.
> Rabbit

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