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Thu Apr 5 22:03:32 PDT 2001

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> Greetings Unto The List-Members!
> I was wondering; I have been to one Med-faire, but it was 10+ years
> ago; could someone give me some directions on how to get there for
> someone who would be coming into Norman via Highway 9 (approaching from
> the through-Seminole-Tecumseh route?
> My e-address is ktmc at
> Thanks, and a happy happy Thursday night to all!
> Valstarr
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Alrighty then..

Coming in, you're going to pass the large postal training center on 24th
The next exit after that is the Noble/12th street exit. You'll turn right
there and head north until you hit Lindsey street. About a mile or so down.
Turn left on Lindsey and head west.
About a half mile or so, you'll hit porter and the faire site is right over
the hill, you can't miss it.

Hope that helps, 

~Alex Ravenshaw..
Who unfortuneately has to work Friday, but will see everyone Sat/Sun.

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