NR - Someone is infected with the Snow white virus.

Meryn butrflykyssis at
Wed Apr 11 22:25:14 PDT 2001

Just FYI, I visited Ldy Liadan today & her PC has come
down wyth some sort of virus, when I told her of thys
post, she thynks it may possibly be from hers. (She
didnt know the name of the virus, only that it is a
wyrm) It has completely crashed her email & internet
system. If it was from her, she apologizes, and asks
that anyone who recently emailed to check their
systems as well, to be on the safe syde. So, if anyone
needs to contact her for anythyng, she also asked me
to tell u all that in the evenings, since her PC is
down, just to simply call her. Altho, during the day
hours, she is styll able to check her email @ work :)
Slan! ~*Muirenn*~
--- Deborah Sweet/soc/cas/Okstate
<dssweet at> wrote:
> As the list administrator I just got a bounced
> message.  I can not find 
> any reliable trace of who sent the message.  If you
> sent mail from an 
> account on either or
> recently please check your 
> system.
> One place to check if you are infected is
> (free registration required)
> Estrill
> Go to to
> perform mailing list tasks.

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