NR - Guthrie Fighter practice

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Thu Apr 12 18:07:31 PDT 2001

HL Aldric
We are having them every other Wednesday. April 25th, May 9th, May 23rd etc,
Rain or shine we will do something. I am sorry about the life byte but we do all of our packing for events on Thursday and leave from work. Sunday afternoons at Weisenfeuer may be possible for you.
Sir Wilhelm

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I have not heard of any practice. I have to work Wednesday nights but if it is scheduled for Thursday I would be greatly interested in attending. Could someone please let me know.
HL Aldric de Kerr
Squire to Earl Barn Silveraxe, HE Burke Kyriel MacDonald, and Sir Hildebrand Von Tiel

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>Greetings oh most wonderous Northern Region,  
> I was wondering if anyone knew if the fighter practice in  
>Guthrie was  
>still on. I plan on attending, if it is.  
>Owen ap Aeddan  
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