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Sun Apr 15 21:20:35 PDT 2001


Warlord was a great event.  To everyone who worked hard to make the day 
great, thank you and Vivat!  The whole event was filled with activity and 
fun.  The feast was tasty and everyone walked away full to the brim.  The 
prize baskets were awsome and well done.  The children were buzzing away 
after the Easter egg hunt :-)

People from every group worked hard to make the event come together.  
Congratulations to the autocrats on a well coordinated, fun, cooperative 

The New Champions are:
Lord Karl Hungus - Chivalric
HL Theresa Maria Giovanni - Rapier
HE Rumil Fletcher - Archery
HE Athelstan - Artisan
Lord Ivo Blackhawk - Bardic
Lord Bowdren(sp?) - Thrown Weapons

Congratulations to all the new Champions.  The Trimarins will quiver in fear 
as our forces appear on the fields of battle!

In Service,
Sigen Northkeep
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