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Thu Apr 19 12:11:43 PDT 2001

We as bards must never forget that that our tradecraft rests squarely upon 
two factors, and two factors alone.  The first is the enjoyment of the 
population at large, ands the second is the preservation of what history 
teaches us.

My first official act as Northern Regional Bard is to cast the gauntlet of 
challenge to all who would hear me. To all, young and old, far and hear, to 
the north, the south, the east the west, and coast and the hills, hear my 

My title is Northern Regional Bard; the title comes with a scroll and a 
medallion, but not instructions.  I do not even know all of the names of the 
people who bore this title before we.

I do inquire to all, bard, fighter, artisan, noble, landed and common, to 
tell me; what is the role of the bardic champion of a region?  I do wish to 
know what is expected of me, what can be done today, this week, this month, 
and this year?  My role is a leader, but I have no example to follow. So I 
now open the floor for all to tell me what they see in my title, and what 
they would like to see. What was done is the past, what worked, what was 
done that did not. I stand in the midst of a vast library; I now call to the 
scrolls and books stored therein to divulge their contents that I may learn.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
“Northern Regional Bard”
“God Save the King!”

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