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Morgan Cain morgancain at
Fri Apr 27 09:06:05 PDT 2001

I realize I should have done this before, but I mislaid the list I had for
helpers.  Unfortunately, it turns out I did not collect the names of all the
people who helped in the kitchen at North Regional Warlord!  So forgive me
if you were missed, or someone you know was missed, and let me know
his/her/their name.

In no particular order, there was Liadan, who helped during the day and
reminded me that the working kitchen clock was an hour behind the time.
Baroness Cerridwen who chopped veggies for a couple of hours in the
afternoon.  And a lady with long tippets who started out peeling many garlic
cloves and continued through the evening working with knives.

All of the servers pitched in to help with dishing out.  I have only three
names on my record -- Charles le Grey, Tim Blair, and Haldaine Sparhawk.  I
know there were more!  They did an admirable job especially when the, um,
interesting selection of serving items required some fast reorganization of

Ivar, who came in and cooked through the feast.  Modius, who despite his
duties to the Crown was invaluable for lifting big pots of food on and off
burners.  Olwen, who despite his heraldic duties pitched in as needed.

The couple who did much of the cleanup, until the hot water ran out.  The
gentleman who came in once more water boiled and just began washing dishes,
and of course Jean Paul and Owain, who pitched in at the end of cleanup and
helped me finish on Sunday morning.

I hope that everybody who was not named can identify yourselves in the above
descriptions.  It really helped me to have so many willing hands, and it was
a pleasure to work among you.

I also apologize for any misspellings of names, which I blame either on bad
handwriting or the fact that I am a phonetic speller.  If the name looks
wrong, read it out loud and see if it sounds correct.

                                ---= Morgan

PS:  I apologize for the fact that feast ran late.  I can blame the
Chivalric Circle for only a half-hour of it; the rest was due to replanning
the order and presentation of dishes.  I hope nobody left hungry, or hate to
skip a course due to lateness of the last presentation.

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 so well is that they have a common enemy."
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