NR - Kissing for the Black Star kateryne_la_esclopiera at
Tue May 1 05:29:37 PDT 2001

Heard rumor that there will be a kissing booth at Beltane?

Well, it's not a rumor!  There will be one to help raise money for the
Black Star.
Kisses from a kiss on the hand to the more enthusiastic ones will be
offered for both men and women.  If you know of someone who needs to be
kissed, send one of our roaming kissers to kiss them.  You will have the
chance to kiss future queens, baroness', tavern wenches, heavey fighters,
rapiers, and who knows who else will be at the booth!  Possibly the
desired one of your heart will be waiting there to give you a kiss!

If you are interested in helping raise money for the Black Star, please
contact me and we will get you on the schedule (30 minute slotss).  It
will be fun!

So come one and all to help support your kingdom by paying for a kiss at
the Toad-Alley Kissing Booth where you might find that toad who will turn
into a prince!

Kateryn la Esclopiera

Il est bon d'etre la ganse.
(It's good to be the gimp.)
                         -Ryn the Gimp

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