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Kassia MacWilliam" wrote

> Greetings To One and All,
> A special thank-you to all individuals who donated to the Blackstar Silent
> Auction at Beltain and to those of you who bid on the items.
> We raised $500 to add to the Blackstar funds to help keep it on more solid
> footing.  Once again the generosity of the people of Ansteorra shines
> through.
> In Service,
> Kassia
> Hospitaler of Namron
Well done one and all.  As seneschal on Namron I would also like to thank
everyone who donated things to the auction as well as those who spent their
hard earned money for this worthy cause.

  I would also like to thank Her Excellency Sigen of Northkeep for the
opportunity and inspiration provided by the rekindling of  a wonderful
service to the Kingdom.

  I believe that somewhere an old piper is smiling and  playing a joyful
tune ,please to see the kingdom he loved so much ralling to a cause he

                    Seneschal Namron

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