[Northern] RE: Northern Regional Warlord (tabards)

RobertJPugh@gateway.net RobertJPugh at gateway.net
Fri May 11 03:37:01 PDT 2001

It has been suggested that those groups who wish to may donate their money
for ANY worthy project they desire, tabards being one that has been suggested.

Personally, I have a couple of problems with the idea of tabards and the
discussion I have noticed since.

First, who would get the tabards, wear them, and maintain them?  I have
gathered that the idea is for fighting tabards for war, although that was not
specifically stated.  Since I believe there are probably more non-fighters
than fighters, and even fewer who can/do go to the wars this would pertain
to, personally the idea does not appeal to me.  HOWEVER, if that is how
groups chose to donate their share of the proceeds, I would support the idea
wholeheartedly.  Remember, though, that more went on at the event than the
Chivalric tourney.  Perhaps groups may wish to support combat archery, A&S,
or rapier also.

Second, the discussion as to design on tabards.  While I have no idea on the
conflict, or heraldic suitability of the design SUGGESTED, I would not like
to see SCA money (as was mentioned in the original post), used to provide
tabards (or any other item) marked with a device which is not registered
within this kingdom.  As an alternative consideration, I believe that Baron
Bjeorn many years ago registered a device of a Red Man over a Red River, and
I cannot remember whether he offered it specifically to Namron, or to the
entire North as a possible emblem.  I know that Namron uses the Red Man as
one of its supporters, bt do not know the "legal" status of the entire arms.
Again, this is just another possibilty, among others which I am sure will be

I feel that the individual groups need to discuss this among themselves, and
what they wish to do with the funds.  (Maybe we should just all get together
and do a free tavern next year at Warlord?  We all eat, after all.)

I hope no-one feels this is an attack on them personally, but before things
became too heated, I wanted to contribute my thoughts.

H.L. Annabelle Fitzsimmons

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