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> Greets,
> I am curious about one thing. Who decided that the griffin holding the back
> star was going to be the northern device anyway? From what I saw, it was
> presented with the appearance of a "done deal" at Northern Regional. I know
> that Namron was not consulted and I don't believe that Weisenfeur nor
> Wastelands were consulted. These groups make up 80% of the population base
> of the this part of the kingdom.
> What really concerns me is that a few people are trying to push *their*
> vision of a Principality without any consideration to the thoughts, wishes,
> and "the Dream" of *all* people living in this region..
> Just my two pence,
> Anya
> Jennene Stanley
> ***********************************************************************

The Griffin holding the Black Star is not and never was the Northern Device.
Sigen submitted that as badge to be registered to her personally.  There was
a cnflict so it is going to have to be changed and re-submitted.  As her
personal badge she can, if she likes, allow whoever she wants to use it for
whatever reason.  It CANNOT be the Northern Regional Device or badge because
regions cannot register armory.  If we choose to proceed with the process of
becoming a Principality part of that process will be selecting a name and
Armory for that principality.  That will require a polling of the populace to
show that the name and armory are acceptable to a majority of the populace.
       I do not know the history of how the Griffin came to be associated
woth the Northern Region but it has.  If you don't like it suggest something
else and convince others to support it.
       In my opinion, and my opinion only, the issue will have to be resloved
eventually because like it or not the Principality issue is not going to go
away.  In the 15+ years I've been playing it has come up again and again,
year after year.  Too many people want it and are not going to quit pushing
for it.  If it doesn't happen now then we will just be going through this
again in a year or two.

Robert Fitzmorgan

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