[Northern] hey everbody

APRIL GILLILAN GILLILAN at ci.manhattan.ks.us
Mon May 14 13:20:44 PDT 2001

Isn't there also a tabard and banner for the Northern Regional Warlord made
by Talen and Treschen about five years ago around somewhere? I remember
distinctly fighting with both of them at previous Gulf Wars. (There was even
some 'around the firepit' talk of making a calendar of northern Lady
Fighters wearing only the banner as a fundraiser).   :-)

I can remember seeing the tabard on Talen and Thorvald, both past Northern
Regional Warlords. Where are they now? Sigen says that she started the
submission process on her Gryphon badge about two years ago. I know that
both the tabard and banner were around before then.

Does anyone have any pictures from Gulf or a NRW in the past where the
tabard and banner were at?


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