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Tue May 15 04:34:43 PDT 2001

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Greetings All...
I want to extend a great big thank you to HE Sigen.  You have taken the time to go through the process of trying to get a personal badge registered (which is something I haven't done) and when you find out that it is in conflict, of perserving and trying some more.  Then, you are willing for this badge to be used by some of us who wish to as a visible sign of our support of a Principality in the North.  Brave woman.  After the recent past, when your name was brought up and discussed in various meetings in the North, you are willing to be a public mover once more, but for different issues.  Thank you.
You are the only one that I have heard of that has been willing to do the research, the work to register a personal badge that some of us in the North are willing to use as a heraldic rallying point for the Principality feeelings that we have.  If there are others who are also doing this type of work, I have not heard your names.
As far as I know, all of us have the right to register personal badges.  How many of us have taken the time to do so, not me.  If you feel strongly against Sigen's potenial badge, why not go through the process yourself?  If you just don't want to display or be associated with this or any badge, then why do you so strongly protest when some of us wish to be associated with the potental badge and what it has come to mean to us?  Is it the badge you protest, or what it means to some of us?
If it is the issue of Principality that you wish to protest, then protest, you have that right and I will defend it even if I disagree with you.  If it is the badge, then take the time and register one for yourself and see what happens after that.  As I understand it, when Ansteorra was discussing becoming a Principality, there were many that protested then.  I'm sure there were also many who protested the Star.  Sigen is a mover and a doer for things she feels strongly about, even if I disagreed with her feelings on Principality (which I support) I would applaud her courage for what she has done so far.


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