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>Your logic has eluded me.  I see Maleah talking about the entire process.
>In her message she speaks of tabards and tunics and banners and
>movements and Burke's polling.  Those would be parts of the "entire
>process", as well as the other parts not listed.  She DIDN'T talk about
>Burke's principality discussion sessions. Burke made a connection that
>wasn't there and accused her of defaming those who attended with her
>I kind of find it hard to see her defaming those who attended when she
>didn't talk about them, and when her only comment about moving things out
>from under the table was in reference to the "entire process".

At this point I had several options.  1) I could say the first thing that
wanted to leap from my mouth and give my friends headaches.  2) I could
ignore it and give myself a headache. 3) I could step back, take a very long
breath, giggle to myself, and say, "There but for the grace of G-d go I."

After much personal deliberation I think I'm going to go with option 3
because it's a lot easier on my blood pressure.

As for re-reading the message again, I did, which is why it was such a hard

On the plus side, I think I've discovered the cause of rising aspirin

Ivar Burlufotr
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