[Northern] Wastelands Medieval Faire

cbackus@peakonline.com cbackus at peakonline.com
Tue May 15 13:52:39 PDT 2001

Dear Friends,

How many of ya'll are coming to Wastelands' Medieval Faire?
All SCA people are welcome of course, but my own thoughts
are for more fighters, because more fighters equals more
good fights...

Please show up and enjoy yourself on Saturday, May 19th.  It
will be a blast and is an opportunity to hang out with your
SCA friends in a comfortable setting and to get a load of
fighting in if that's your taste.  Hope to see some of you

The Faire is held at Government Springs Park, on the North
Side of Highway 64/412, which is also known as Owen K.
Garriot road.  It's just inside town, past the Sonic, near
St. Mary's Hospital.


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