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Carl Chipman cchipman at nomadics.com
Tue May 15 12:51:46 PDT 2001

Ok, so what do I get when Bar pinches my butt?  Well, other than that
warm glow :)

JP (running and giggling)

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> > I have no personal issues with anyone, except Don Hawkins, who
> > seems to think he can fondle my woman at events without paying me
> > standard fee of 1 case of whiskey...and His Excellency Barn...and
> > Excellency Daniel Blackaxe...and His Excellency Uriah....
> > Man, I gotta lotta whiskey comin'.
> >  ~Fionnagan
> You and your lady will have to split the case 'cause I'm sure my
> husband does his best to try and give you equal time. Or perhaps you
> think you deserve 2 cases?  ;-)
> Kat  >^.,.^<
> who will probably catch heck for that, but really wants to spawn some
> better rumors than the ones she heard last weekend...
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