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> I can only speak for Barn and I, but we had several reasons for
> not attending the meetings.  Here's a few:
> First, we were so strongly opposed to the concept that we felt
> the issue would be better served if we were not there to give our
> opinions (sort-of an "if you can't say something good, don't say
>  In fact, we've avoided making public
> statements about the issue at all for that same reason.

       I can understand that.  Unfortunatly there's no lack of people willing
to speculate on other peoples motivations and plans.


> It *is* true, at least for Barn and I, that arguing our opinions just
> isn't worth doing.  The price is too high.  It costs me valuable time
> I could spend having fun and having fun is still the reason I'm
> here.  Recent events and discussions, though, have gone a long way
> towards convincing me that it is my responsibility to share my
> opinions.  I've definitely been taking the easy road around this
> issue and it hasn't changed the inevitable outcome as far as the
> rumor mill is concerned.  I guess when it comes right down to it,
> it is much better to take the blame/credit for stuff I actually do or
> say.

       It's sad that some have created an enviroment where others don't feel
they can express themselves without coming under attack.  I recall that you
recieved some less than plesant responses when you expressed youself in this
forum back when this round of discussions started. Some people don't know how
to disagree without being disagreeable.  But I also recall that others spoke
up on your behalf when that happened.
       It's a truth that taking a stand almost always carries a price.   But
not taking a stand often carries a price as well.   You're
going to annoy someone no matter what you do or don't do.  And from what I've
seen that's doubly true if you're wearing a brass hat.


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