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Here is a letter I am about to post.  What do you think.


At 08:58 PM 5/14/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Dwen here.  Not going to say much, 'cause we're still remodeling and moving
>and there just aren't enough hours in the day.
>Finally, I believe that the whole matter will be put to rest one way or
>another with an official polling of the paid membership of the North.  I
>would hope that could be done at the soonest possible time.
>More than you asked for, but there it is.
>Auntie Dwen
>House Wizard's Keep
>A baroness *in* the Wastelands

I have seen several people post this idea here lately and need to let
everyone know how that part of the process works.

In preparing for this issue, I spoke at length with the Society Seneschal,
Board Members, and many other knowledgeable people concerning the hows and
whys of the Principality process.  Before we can take a formal poll we need
to have at least a good idea what the name and device of the proposed
principality would be (at least ready to submitted to Kingdom).  This is
because the heraldic process can easily take up to a year to work through
all of the necessary steps (the populace would have to be polled at least 2
different times before any name or device could be submitted).  A formal
polling is only valid for one year from the date of its completion, if it
is positive.  We also have to come to some agreement on the physical area
of the proposed principality.  The reasons for this are you have to know
what area you are going to poll.  Additionally, before any formal polling
is done the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal must approve it.  It would seem
that trying to take a poll at this time would be very much like putting the
roof on the castle before the walls are built.  I think that the results of
Question #3 on the survey and many of the comments here indicate a strongly
positive opinion to having a formal name and device (badge) for the region
(no matter how any principality vote might go).  As to the process I think
that the system the Northern Region of An Tir is using is the best I have
found so far.  It involves opening up the process for approximately 2
months (or longer) to suggestions from the populace.  Anyone would be able
to make a suggestion and it would automatically (within reason) be accepted
for preliminary approval and posted to a public webpage.  A heraldic review
committee would then immediately check it over for conflict and improper
heraldry.  If the name or device was rejected, the reasons would be clearly
posted for all to see.  After two months the accepted devices would be
reviewed by the region and narrowed down to two or three.  This review
could involve public pollings and/ or commentary process.  Lastly, the
final names and devices would be publicly voted on by the populace of the
region to select the final name and device.  This final vote is a
requirement of the Society College of Heralds and Laurel.  This resulting
name and device would then be submitted to the Ansteorran College of
Heralds for the normal approval process.  The Name would be registered to
our Herald and the device would be registered as a Kingdom badge.  If
anyone is curious about the process here is a link to the The Crown
Principality of the North page in An
Tir.   http://www.kwantlen.bc.ca/~donna/sca/northern/

Sir Burke

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