[Northern] Gulf Wars dates

Lori Campbell LCAMPBEL at ossm.edu
Wed May 16 14:22:35 PDT 2001

> Every school...in Oklahoma must hold their spring break
> ...March 17-23.  I know
> a couple of years ago Gulf Wars was moved up a week to
> coincide with spring break.  I wonder if this could happen again?

I don't know that it would do much good to ask for it, but it
couldn't hurt.  I work at a school, too, and would love to see it
changed so I could take the whole week off.  It seems, though, that
the second week of March coincides with Spring Break in Trimaris and
Meridies.  I think this is what caused the big fuss from those two
areas the last time it was changed to the 3rd week.

I know it doesn't seem fair, but I'm sure this is a case of majority
rules.  Maybe we could make it on the 3rd week every third year?
We have lots of folks who work in education that would appreciate it.

Kat  >^.,.^<

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