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> I do have a single question in responce to the comment about a nothern
> principality becomeing more isolated. How many people travel to southern
> events, and how many southern events do they go to in a year? For the
> purposes of this question, let us say that Stepps is the northern border for
> the "southern" zone. My lady and myself often travel only to the Battle of
> Three Kings, however, others are a possability in the future.
> Would anyone else care to reply?
> Lord Ivo Blackhawk
> Norther Regional Bard

I don't get south very much.  I get down to the Stepps/Elfsea area 2 to 3
times a year.  I'd love to get to Elfsea more often as it is one of my
favorite places to visit but their events always seem to conflict with
Northern events that I need to attend.  I rarely get to more distant events
though I will make the effort if it's an event really want to attend.  I
always mean to get further south but something always seems to come up.


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