[Northern] Running some numbers

Aunt Dwen auntdwen at peakonline.com
Wed May 16 23:04:33 PDT 2001

> One more point, the requirement for a principality is at least 100
> subscribing members, the North has 240 as of 12/31/00.
> Sir Burke

True.  And you can be a Barony with 40 or so, but in their infinite wisdom
the Powers That Be typically want a much larger population base than what is
technically required due to burnout and depth.

BTW, it is my perception that the Wastelands appears stable over time
because much of our membership is comprised of families who are rooted to
the Enid/Fairview region.  The down side of that characteristic is that--as
anyone who's significant other has autocrated can attest--the same families
end up serving in offices, doing events and feasts and wearing themselves
out!  Although not technically in any danger of no longer being a group, the
much rumored "trouble in the Wastelands" has a lot to do with having to
shuffle offices, autocrating and feastocrating amongst us.  Not to mention
making prizes, running activities and guilds and--oh yeah--actually being
able to go to other groups and play the darn game!  Also, family tragedies
like illness or the death of a family member have a pretty impactful ripple
in our close-knit clan.

I see the North in much the same stew.  My objections to Principality at
this time have had to do with our numbers as a shire, and what I have
perceived as a somewhat thin strata of folks doing the majority of the work
in other groups in the region.  Please do not read the previous statement as
an indictment of anyone's commitment to the game.  We all have areas of
interest and varying skills.  We are younger or older players and need to be
brought up to speed or given a break.  I'm just saying I wish we had a few
more folk before seriously pursuing Principality.

Supporting demos and other membership raising activities in various groups
across the region would go a long way in working toward that purpose [OK,
OK, it was shameless and self-promoting, but we do have a Faire this


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