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Dwen, we can get some kind of carpool together for coronation.


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With gas at $1.70 a gallon and the prospect of it
> increasing to over $2.00 a gallon (some predict $2.50)  this summer are
> having to cut back?  Is it really affecting your decisions as to which
> events to attend and which to pass on?   I am just curious.
> Sir Burke
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For me and mine, I can tell you it will have a dramatic impact.  When we
day-trip we take the Lumina sedan but it only gets about 23 mpg.  Johann's
seastead (I'm dreading the gas to Lilies) only gets about 11 with or without
the trailer.  We will only be going to events close (an hour or so?) to
home.  Especially vexing, since I wanted to attend the coronation of Duncan
and Larissa.  Sigh.  And, honestly, the new mortgage will curb our driving
for a while.



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