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Fri May 18 11:04:23 PDT 2001

Sir Burke sed:

>  I am
>  ignoring Drachenwald which is unique in that it goes from north of the
>  Arctic circle to the Cape of Good Hope.

Minor nit: The West still runs from West Australia to northern Alaska.  So
there are TWO kingdoms in that boat.  Dunno if the Western Crown feels the
same obligation to visit the principalities of Lochach and Oertha as
Drachenwald's do their extremes, tho.

Other than that, Good Sir, your understanding, recollection, and opinion
matches mine exactly.  I would hate to play in a Society where every region
with the same mundane population base as Oklahoma (and a Bit of Texas) were a
separate kingdom.  (Pennsic would consist of the opening ceremonies and
closing court--there wouldn't be TIME for anything else!)  It's too late for
the BoD to hold the line at a dozen Laurel Kingdoms, hopefully they can at a
However, an idea has been percolating in my twisted old Irish Mongol brain
(and if nobody else likes it, I'll drop it.)  If we want to form a Region
with its own Identity (which many, perhaps most, of us do) and yet keep it
clear to all concerned that we are NOT setting ourselves on the road to
separate kingdom status (which many, perhaps most, of us ALSO want to do) and
if the BoD also is not wanting to encourage new kingdoms (may Tengri guide
them), what say we try for something a little bit different.
Corpora already allows for two different flavors of roughly equivalent things
(Barony/Province, knight/master at arms) where personal or local preferences
or needs apply.  What say we do the same thing?  We could petition the BoD to
become something NEW, an equivalent to a Principality, but one that would
from its inception be specifically intended to ALWAYS be a dependent region
of its kingdom and never a kingdom in its own right.  Its Coronet would be
chosen just as those of principalities are and would have equal rank, it
would have the same rights to regional law, heraldry, bank accounts and
awards, but would have to undergo the same petition process again to become a
principality FIRST before it could try for kingdom.
My nomination for what to call such a new concept is Grand Duchy.  The royals
would be Grand Dukes/Duchesses (or Archdukes/Archduchesses).  Following the
Continental precedent, they'd have the same Rank as a Prince/Princess of
Principality, and would still become Viscount/Viscountess when they step down.
This would require a change to Corpora, and might be a hard sell (look at the
fourth peerage flap), but if it would support their goal of keeping the
number of kingdoms manageable, and still allow regional growth and
advancement, they might be convinced.  It would also allow US time to prove
stability, sustained growth and activity, and redevelop regional identity and
unity under a reduced pressure situation.
Any thoughts?

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