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Stephanie Drake steldr at home.net
Fri May 18 11:26:28 PDT 2001

Ok - please take this for what it's worth (and if someone else posts better
directions - use them!!!!!!!!)

The med-faire in Enid is right off of the main road coming into town.  We
come from Sand Springs and take 412 right into Enid, you know, past
Stillwater, across I35 throught the barren fields to the east of Enid.  When
you start getting into town there is a large park on the right hand side of
the road (is that Garriott Rd.????) and there are signs for St. Mary's
hospital.  The park has a stream/pond in it and a couple of large picknick
type gazebos in it.  See, not the best directions but I don't think you can
help but find it since the only time you have to turn is at the

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Okay I feel a little sheepish*g*

I some how deleated the directions to this weekends med-faire. Can somebody
PLEASE e-mail me the directions(possibly ones relivant to the fact we are
coming from Ponca City, and have no clue as to where we are are going).
Thanks in advance!


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