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Sat May 19 07:13:33 PDT 2001

I go to Southern Events quite often - during the active tourney season it is
at least once a month if not more.  Before becoming landed I traveled far
more often and I expect I will again at some future time when my
responsibilities are fewer.  Though we have great people in the North,
traveling to distant sites and meeting new people is what keeps the game
fresh for me.  Each region of Ansteorra has its own flavor and I'd recommend
experiencing the variety to anyone (It's like eating chinese food after a
steady diet of mexican).  It will also widen your circle of friends which is
always a good thing :)

As to why I joined the SCA:  I went to my first meeting 'cause I just had to
meet the guy my roommate said broke a finger swordfighting.  I stayed because
of the great people and the fun.

I was your textbook "poor starving college student."  My car got a whopping
8-10 mpg and to say it wasn't reliable is giving it far more credit than it
deserved.  I will always be grateful to HE Gunhilda and Sir Burke for taking
me all over this kingdom in those first few years.

Eating around then Ld. Frederick and Ly. Gwendolyn's campfire.  It seems like
someone was always feeding us and they fed me more often than most.

Gathering on the list field in the wee morning hours to tell "no kidding,
there we were..." stories.  I met so many people and learned so much about
our kingdom's history from those times.

Tracking down Sir Jonathan MacNaughton at practically every event on the
off-chance that he was playing guitar and singing.  (Also, tracking down
campfires at *every* event on the off-chance that *anyone* was singing.)

Fighter practice at Haldane and Estril's every Monday night (especially cold
nights when there was cider).

Wearing out my car (and myself) trying to make 3-4 fighter practices a week.

Drawing Duke Inman for my first fight of the first round of my first

Watching that same Duke resign from a Crown list so he could sit back and
watch Sir Cameron and Sir Mikael vye for the throne.

There are so many great memories.  I can only list a few here, but I wouldn't
trade any of them for anything.  Times like those are why I joined the SCA,
and why I stayed.

It is true that the longer you play the more aware you become of the
politics.  There's no getting away from it.  However, I once asked an
old-time player why he stuck around through all the crap.  He said it was "to
help give new people golden memories."  His words still keep the game in
perspective for me.

Kat  >^.,.^<

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