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No one has been able to keep *anyone* from saying what others may perceive
as hateful on these lists.  That's one of the beauties of public forums.
Everyone with an opinion can post.  Like with channels on a television or
stations on a radio, turn them off if you don't want to listen (or in this
case, delete the message or block the sender).

This does not mean I condone what has been said or done, I just have to
uphold the right Merrik or you or anyone else has to say what they feel.
Nothing says I have to like it or agree with it.

And no, Merrik does not speak for me. I have my own opinions on matters and
people of this region which are mine and mine alone.


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>        Thorgrim and Sigen have asked me to tell everyone that they were in
> way responsable for the recent posting by Merrik, aka Michael Heydon,
> attacking Barn, Kat, Ulf and Maleah.  They were not consulted about this
> do not condone it.
>     Speaking for myself.   Please do not condemn Northkeep for the words
> one person.  No one has ever been able to keep Merrik from saying hateful
> things on these lists.  He does not speak for Northkeep.
> Robert Fitzmorgan
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