[NR] A Public Challenge

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   Not a rule but a common sense attitude.
Fluffy I must agree with Hawkins ,this will do you the North or the subject
at hand any good .
  I know the occurrences of the past few days are hard to choke down , but
please take an old friends advise.
Step back take a deep breath and consider a more productive course of action
,the world will benefit far more if you do this.
                                  My 2 cents
                                                    Lord Duncan Phelan

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> Isn't there a rule about not fighting mad?
> Hawkins
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> Unto Marrick (or Michael, or whatever you wish to call yourself).
> My Lord, HL Karl Sturmfyre wishes it known to all those in the North
> that he challenges you to combat on the field of chivalry (look the
> word up in the dictionary if you need to). Any time, any weapon style.
> We await your public reply.
> HL Aelfwyn Regenward, Lady to HL Karl Sturmfyre
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